Thursday, September 28, 2017

tbt ~ Hey man, is that Freedom Rock?

This ad pretty much was my childhood. I think it started my love for classic rock, which was of course later cemented by Dean Winchester. So have a good old-fashioned hippie peace song. And turn it up, man.

I wonder if something like this could ever happen again? I mean people using the word "groovy," clearly the whole "coming together in peace and harmony" ship has sailed.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

tbt ~ 15 favorite Beatles songs!

Even though it's September, it's officially the start of my Rocktoberfest. Which means lots and lots of, you guessed it, rock! Mostly classic, as well as some newer stuff like Creeper.

Is it cliche for a music blog to talk about the Beatles? Who cares! Is it cliche to worry about what's cliche? You bet! Should we just do what we want cause the world's crazy and we need to suck all the joy out of it we can? Um, yes. Yes we should. So, favorite Beatles songs! The top 5 is in order, the rest is random.

15. It's All Too Much
14. Let it Be
13. I'll Follow the Sun
12. Penny Lane
11. Got to Get You Into My Life
10. The Long and Winding Road
9. Revolution
8. I Will (Amazing song. The Alison Krauss cover surpasses the original.)
7. Here Comes the Sun
6. Hide Your Love Away

5. Across the Universe
4. Don't Let Me Down
3. I've Just Seen a Face
2. Blackbird
1. Strawberry Fields Forever (note: The "Take 1" version from Anthology is my favorite, but of course the standard version is great too.)

Hon. mentions - Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End, Hey Jude, You Won't See Me, I Am the Walrus.

Obviously I prefer their later work, which isn't to say a lot of their early stuff isn't great, and better than most all mainstream music of the past 20 years. The later stuff is just more musically interesting to me, and invites more repeated listens.