Thursday, February 25, 2016


A throwback... to when I actually used to post on this blog! Yeah, I haven't really been doing the social media thing with all the political crap everywhere. Politics is so inherently spammy. Just endless ads for a product that doesn't even work. NO THANK YOU. Instead, I shall re-bingewatch Gilmore Girls, because why not, and listen to some good ol' 90s tunes.

I love Beck. My favorite song of his, off an album that sounds even more fresh and relevant now than it did in the 90s. An album that combines elements of rock, pop, country, hip hop, and electronic music, and it's FANTASTIC.

I love Brooks and Dunn. Yeah, I sure do miss you. :( And most of the other 90s country acts too. That was just the best time.

I love Weezer. And they're making some of the best music of their career right now! To end this on a positive note. :) I still miss the 90s though.