Monday, June 14, 2010

I guess what I am saying is, it would be nice if somewhere felt like home. Eventually. Probably a lot of people in Ohio feel like they are home, but probably a lot of people lots of places do. I just never have. It's an odd feeling, one that produces much irrational envy of people in random states.
I have this weird sort of, obsession? with the midwest. Like it seems so safe and cosy and... ensconced, somehow, to live in a place like Ohio, with other people from Ohio, doing things that people in Ohio do.* It's probably a good thing I'll never actually move there, so the fantasy can stay tucked away in a little happy place in my brain and not suffer the horror of coming true.

People in Ohio did seem very nice whilst travelling through, as did people in Pennsylvania. I like saying "whilst." People will be very nice in Canada, I'm sure. Perhaps Canada will be a sort of very large Ohio?

*I think I imagine people in Ohio going to state fairs all the time, or something. I'm sure it isn't any more wholesome than anywhere else in the country, but I like imagining it is. I always secretly wanted to be in the 4-H Club. Curse my wicked, wayward childhood. May my own children do better, and win lots of blue ribbons.