Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And then it hit me, like a cream pie grenade to the face. "I'm gonna be funny and weird and silly in REAL LIFE, not just on blogger!"

I don't know why this didn't quite occur to me before. See, in real life, I'm like this little timid bird. Even on most parts of the internet. If I do interact, I try to be very neutral, ordinary, so as to not cause any CONFLICT. Because I hate CONFLICT. But I want to be myself on livejournal! and facebook! and maybe even in real life! with real people! Ok, the last one might not be possible, as real people tend to suck all the interesting out of my brain and replace it with *social panic* by their mere presence... but if the opportunity presents itself I'm gonna be ME, dammit! The world shall be my blogger!