Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today I was walking out of the liquor store when a homeless (I assume) guy asked me for 26 cents. Besides being a rather small amount of money it is also the name of a song I like, so I gave it to him and into the liquor store he went. People always say, don't give them money, they'll just spend it on booze! Well you know what, I just spent my money on booze! Who the hell am I to judge? Am I somehow superior to this guy? I feel like saying, here, get a hooker too, it's on me!

HI BLOGGER. I'm back posting because I had no other place to post this, even though nobody reads this thing. Or maybe that's the point. Once people start reading you have to deal with their OPINIONS. Unsolicited opinions spawn in Satan's underpants. TRUE FACTS.

Okay, enough hyperbole for the evening. I'm always so angry when I come here! Well I am pretty much always angry because the man I love is in Canada and I am not. :( Also, you know, the plight of the homeless, bigots, greedy fucking republicans, all the usual things to be angry about that seem so much more angrifying when the man you love is far far away!