Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gosh I miss doing these late-night blog updates. But they were usually done while playing Clan Lord and eating cheese. That was a different lifetime ago. I'll have to make a new lifetime, eh?

(Just as long as it's not Lifetime: Television for Women. Cause seriously, how many Tori Spelling movies can one watch before realizing, "hey, I just watched a bunch of Tori Spelling movies and it's several hours later in my life!")

Also I never eat late at night anymore. I'm trying to watch my weight. How depressing is that??

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I found a layout that ALMOST looked like limes. Almost... if you squint a little and go to Argentina. Sooooo it looks like my lime is really and truly gone. My bloggy soul is still here but my limes have fallen into the abyss. Not a bad trade-off, I suppose.

Anyway, it might have been an avocado.
One reason I wanted to start writing here again is, I MISS everything. So many of the things I've loved have gone, gone forever, and this makes me sad. Like Battlebots. And Martin Gramatica. And that shirt I used to wear. Y'know. Even the curse is gone - I don't miss it, I'm just sayin'. Changes! Scary! Fast! So much has changed from 5 years ago, much of it good, but there's still enough missing to be a bit upsetting, eh? So I am trying to collect as many things as possible that are still here. Like this blog, bless its little bloggy heart. For one scary moment I thought I'd lost it - I thought google had eaten it! - but thank God it is still here. *hugs*

I don't know how much I will update, or what I'll write about, but it's nice to have this little part of me back. The good AND the bad, it's the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. Yes, I still quote Douglas Adams. :D Though, my Douglas Adams group on Yahoo is gone, as is my HP group. I don't even know if I miss these things so much as I miss them being there. I wonder what all those people are doing now. Do they ever think, whatever happened to that group? Or do other people move on properly from things and it's just me who ends up missing them? Heck, even I left most everything for lj. But I came back. I always seem to come back, when I can. When whatever I was searching for is, miraculously, still there.

Livejournal gives me pretty graphics, but this gives me my soul.

I'm baaaack!

Dang well it's been a coon's age, hasn't it? How've you been, old friend? (I have no idea what the age of a coon is, btw. Most sayings make no sense whatsoever.) Anyway, Livejournal ate my soul for a while but I think I've gotten it back, albeit slightly chewed. Which isn't to say I'm not still on lj - I've just found there are some things I don't want to share on lj. Y'know, with *dundundun* people! Also, I missed this place. Which is of course evident by my being gone so long they sold my blog to Google, or something. hmmm. yes. Well anyway, I'm back now and happy to be here!

Things that have changed since I first started writing/last wrote on this blog:

I now say things like, "Y HELO THAR." But don't worry, I don't do it often.

When I started here (5 years ago!!) I was blonde, then I was redhead, then brown, then brown w/highlights, and now I'm blonde again. *sings* It's the ciiiircle of liiiiiife...

I loved Martin Gramatica. I still love Martin Gramatica, but since he's disappeared from football I'm finding it more difficult. However, he is superior to a very large basketball player, apparently. http://sports.aol.com/fanhouse/2007/06/30/martin-gramatica-stronger-than-kevin-durant/

I moved away from WV, and have become a huge WVU fan. Freaky, huh?

The Red Sox won the World Series. Again. :D

I still stay up all night, and straight on til morning.

Well probably many more relevant things have changed besides my haircolor and college football team, but... oh hell, it's me. They probably haven't. :P

Oh one more thing has changed... my layout! My lime has gone! My lovely lime... or avocado. Whatever it was. Anyway, it's gone and I'm sad. I now have a sort of random pink thing, because, PINK! *squee*

So... yeah! *waves*