Friday, October 29, 2004

So the way to win a World Series is Dirt Dogs, Idiots, and one bloody sock.

Well, it seems obvious *now*.

How many teams do you think will be playing "Hair Ball" next season? It could get ugly.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

My Red Sox haikus:

Each Spring we awake
Summer shapes our hopes and fears
This fall we sleep well.

1918 signs
Lie in New York garbage cans
Next year is this year!
Funny phrase of day, or last night actually: "You ordered a Mendoza!"

But nope, not even that could curse us.

If it's this frickin' easy to win a World Series, why didn't we do it sooner??

Notes from the 2004 WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON RED SOX season:

The Curse is dead. Long live the Curse! The Curse of the A-rod is now upon you, New York. Enjoy!

How could we *not* win this year? The bloody sock, which will likely be the holiest object in the history of Boston (I said holy, not holey. Ha ha). The trade (sorry Nomah, still love ya). The *non*-trades. The eclipse (of the Yankees). My beloved Murphys bringing back long-forgotten "Tessie." Johnny Christ, our savior. God might be a Yankee fan, but Jesus is our lead-off man. The whole thing is like a folk tale. Or religion. It's way beyond baseball, it's history. And I'm so thrilled and honoured to be a part of it.

Teams/athletes that I have made win championships by rooting for them:

Los Angeles Dodgers
Atlanta Braves
UCONN Huskies men's basketball
UCONN Huskies women's basketball
New England Patriots
Bobby Labonte Winston Cup
David Duval British Open
Tampa Bay Bucs (perhaps the most inexplicable)
Ohio State Buckeyes football
New England Patriots again
UCONN men's and women's basketball in the SAME SEASON

I am a lifelong UCONN fan, and have been rooting for the Red Sox ever since I got into baseball (and to some extent, the Dodgers, growing up in L.A.), and the Pats ever since I got into football. I can't claim to be a long-suffering fan of Atlanta or Tampa Bay or Ohio State, but I did start rooting for each team or athlete listed *several* years before they won. Coincidence??? I promise to start working on the Celtics soon, the only team (other than UCONN football) I root for that I have not seen win. (They won in '88, I think, but I didn't see it so I can't count it.)

Yup, feelin' pretty good about me right now. :D

Final note on season: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Will Yankee fans chant "Red Sox suck" next season? Or is the world about to end in a glittering apocalypse? Either way, I am so fucking wicked psyched. Thank you, Red Sox players, organisation, and the entire Red Sox Nation. It is all over now, and all beginning.

Curse: 1918-2004
Ummm... did something just happen, or something? I seem to have lost my mind.
Bitter Yankee fans are so, so sweet.


Monday, October 25, 2004

Curt Schilling: The Anti-Curse.

Apparently, we had to repay the curse in blood. Who knew?

Thanks Curt!

GO SOX!!!!

And, oh yeah... BELLHORN!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Ok, I admit it, I stopped believing after attending the Game Three Massacre. But holy mother of crap, we actually did it!!

I have decided to accept Johnny Christ as my personal savior.

Monday, October 04, 2004

I think my favourite part of last night's show was when Buckethead had to leave the stage to adjust his bucket. *nod*

In related news, I am so glad I moved to New England just so I could watch Kevin Millar down that big greasy bucket of chicken.

In other news, 'Shaun of the Dead' was a veddy amusing British flick about people getting their guts ripped out by zombies. "Oh, dear!"

And finally - GO SOX!!! We've got Tessie back, we're ready to go. Let's kick some bootay this year, how bout it??