Wednesday, April 30, 2003

There really just seems to be no point to reality.
This coming from the girl who's wearing black fuzzy cat ears in her profile. But, that's different.
Check out how cool I am: I have Harry Potter green apple bath soap with a lightning bolt cut into the bottle, and YOU DON'T!

And may I use this moment to point out how much people's Yahoo profiles crack me up? It's always something like:
Location: Dayton, Ohio

*snicker snicker*

Monday, April 28, 2003

Now that I have heard "Mr. Jones" performed live, I can die happy. Also noteworthy: some jerk behind me kept shouting "LONG DECEMBER!" As if they weren't going to do Long December. Sheesh. Then someone else yelled out "FREEBIRD!" which was pretty funny, and the band played a few unnervingly competant lines of it. I guess this proves that at some point in every band's career, they have to learn "Freebird."

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I have decided to send my brain on holiday to Cancun.

Do not forward my calls.

Do not pass go.

Do not, under any circumstances, disseminate anything without the express written consent of Major League Baseball. At least not until I get back.

Adios! *waves*

mmm... mental margaritas...

No one is ever going to talk to me again. I am convinced of it. I am adrift in my little boat. La la la. Whee...

Monday, April 21, 2003

Just because I HAD TO KNOW -

Billboard's Top Ten Albums:

Godsmack (I think this is one of those bands teenage boys on skateboards listen to)
Linkin Park (I think ditto)
50 Cent (score one for black guy with funny name)
Various artists, Now 12 (I'm going to assume that Jennifer Lopez is on this somewhere. Either her or Rotting Garbage. Even though I made them up.)
Lisa Marie Presley (Huh?)
Ginuwine (Not a clue)
Cher (Proof that people over 40 still buy music)
Celine Dion (pop, but not bad)
Norah Jones (Kinda know who she is)
Evanescence (not bad)

The Top 40 also featured, in ascending order of evil: #31 Christina Aguilera, #22 Avril Lavigne (more evil than Christina because she thinks she's... heehee... punk), #24 Justin Timberlake, and, number 40 with a bullet, some kind of ghastly Christian rock confection. Perhaps if you get both #'s 31 and 40, good and bad (or saintly and slutty) will wage war for your eternal soul via your CD player. Now, that's what I call music.

Thus ends my heartfelt yet completely ineffectual assault upon the music industry. I shall now go quietly into this good night.

Not the one that Cartman drew on his hand. She was clearly too talented for Top 40.
And Jennifer Lopez.
And a nuevo-punk band with a name like Rotting Garbage or something.
People should eally listen to Kay Hanley instead of whatever's in the Top 40 right now. I have no idea what's in the top 40 right now!

I'm thinking there's prolly a black guy with a funny name.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Where does your soul go, when you lose your soulmate??

Well. So. My Imaginary friend has gone, to wherever imaginary people go when they disappear. I've gotta say, for someone who didn't exist, I'm going to miss him a lot.*
*actual translation: Kill me now.

So. Am going to bury self in music. Music is all that matters. Everything else is shit. *nods*

Well. That sucked.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I saw two completely seperate people wearing bright green sweat pants at Kroger today. For some reason, I felt personally offended.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

Things I ran across while looking at Yahoo Profiles: A man who listed his occupation as "computer" (methinks he left off an s), and a woman who stated, "I'm a pagan and a bisexual and quite happy about it all, actually!" It's so simple for some people...

As usual, my search yielded (approximately): 24 boring people (ones who list their interests as "going to movies, working out, and stuff" or similar), 19 stupid people (these include randomly swearing teens, sneering rednecks, and republicans), 14 sexfiends, 8 lesbians, 5 things that make you go hmmm??, a partridge in a pear tree, and not one single kindred spirit.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

And, I am over it. Sort of.
I should probably write something...

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Yes. I'm feeling a strong desire to write poetry. This can only end badly.