Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sometimes circumstances make me think about being an introvert, and how weirdly it makes us a minority in the world, even though we might not actually be the minority. This society is just SO extrovert-oriented and it's so deeply ingrained in everyone that introverts could be 75% yet somehow that other 25% would still prevail. I've given up trying to figure out why this is. I have no idea. I'm left figuring out ways to cope.

The number one issue I have is we live in a society where people are expected to talk when amongst others, whether they have anything to say or not. (And we're not supposed to talk when we're by ourselves, which is far more interesting conversation.) Naturally this causes a lot of uncomfortable situations for a super quiet introvert like myself. I speak when I have something to say, period. I don't like "uncomfortable silences" any more than the next guy, but I prefer buffers such as music or TV rather than this constant need to keep the mouth running. That way, you can talk when you want without this expectation of filling in silences.

This is also why I prefer the company of cats. They don't expect you to talk, don't judge you, plus they're soft and cute and purry and fluffy and MAMA LOVES HER MR WUFFLES! YES SHE DOES! YES SHE DOES! But I digress. Cats > humans, basically.

We'e staying at my in-laws over Christmas, which I hope will be fun and congenial and festive and all that good stuff. I just hope they understand I need my space, and if I go upstairs to play around online for a while instead of having to be social, it isn't personal. I need my recharge time.
Now I love me some Harry Potter. But one weird thing. There are times in the books when a problem would easily be solved just by BEING A MUGGLE. For example, when they're trying to find out who Nicholas Flamel is. Or when Harry's trying to find a way to breathe underwater for the Tri-Wizard Cup. They search for DAYS in the library and still come up short and I'm like DAMN, you could google that shiz in 2 seconds! Muggles FTW? I mean, I'm pretty sure you could easily take down a dark wizard just with the power of google. And don't even get me started on lolcats.

The tradeoff is, YOU GET TO GO TO HOGWARTS. Even the history class taught by the droning dead guy has got to be more interesting than say, any math class ever.

I'm back! Did you miss me, nobody who ever reads this? Cause I missed you!!