Sunday, December 21, 2008


Okay, I admit I got sucked into the sparkly teen vampire bonanza that is TWILIGHT. I knew it was crap, but in the way that a giant sugary jelly doughnut is crap. NOMNOMNOM. But now, I am officially sick of it and feeling a bit ranty. Especially when I read lj. It's all EDWARD CULLEN and EDWARD/BELLA which I realize is mostly what the books are but... AGGGGHHHH.

Edward is BORING. He is boring and one-dimensional and has nothing going on other than obsessing on Bella. Jacob is so much more interesting! Bella is more interesting when she's with him, riding motorcycles and such! Edward is so over-protective I would imagine life would be very boring, cooped up in a house all the time. Even if it is the Cullen MANSION and even if Edward is all HAWT and SPARKLEH.

No amount of sparkles make up for lack of personality. I know, I've tried!

So, yeah. I'm over Twilight. It's just everywhere, and it's making me angry.

On the brightside, the Pats are playing in a snowstorm, which is always good times. The fans are throwing snow in the air and the Pats are winning 14-0. I like when these kind of happy memories don't change, they just keep on adding to the happy memory pot.

I haven't looked out the window. I'm not going to, I don't think.

I opted for the spring green laptop. It was just... calling to me, like spring and trees and birdies.

~ L.
Okay, I'm feeling better. Even though the internet is DEAD. WTF?? Isn't half the country covered in snow? Though I think a lot of the Clanners are on the west coast, so they're probably out having fun in the California sun. Well, it might be cold there too. But for instance, probably nobody in CA's car looks like a big sad white hunchbacked thing sitting in their driveway.

One reason I'm feeling better: I sort of have this feeling something is gonna happen. Then when nothing happens, I feel bored and depressed again. But, the feeling persists! I don't know why.

Also, I just found out I'm getting a new laptop AND portable DVD player for Christmas!! Now my hardest life decision is whether to actually choose a PINK laptop or be a bit more sophisticated in my choice. I'm not sure I can resist the pink. :P But those are the two things I really wanted right now, besides a newer car, and a life.


Shiny laptop though!!!

I'll be making another post, on another subject, so this one ends here!